• Custom Services

Our services are not “packaged” and can be customized to the needs of every space and client. Janitorial services can accommodate any size square footage as well as specialized cleaning services for high traffic areas.

  • Reliable

We pride ourselves on meeting our customer commitments, and always strive to exceed expectations. We are a business partner you can rely on to perform consistently. 

  • Women Owned

We Clean Maintenance & Supplies Inc is proud to be a National Women Owned (WBE) firm in Chicago.  We are actively involved in community projects and organizations to promote minority ownerships and firms in the Chicagoland area.

  • Responsive

We can always be reached and will respond to your needs to handle any situation that arises. Our specialized staff is trained to navigate client support and find solutions quickly and effectively.

  • Dedicated Support

Cleaning excellence is our focus and we are committed to delivering outstanding service with measurable quality control standards for every client.

  • Reputation

We don’t take our clients for granted. We have long standing relationships and referrals from our clientele. One of our best marketing tools has always been word of mouth.